Happy Fall, Y’All !!!!


Happy Fall, Y’all !!!!

It’s the first day of a new season, and just as the seasons of weather change, so do the seasons in our life. They are not always beautiful seasons, but they all have a purpose and are designed for us to grow, learn and flourish. When you see a new season approach, take time to reevaluate your own season of life and what may need to change or improve. I am entering a new season myself, the season of falling back.

Most people think falling back is something they DON’T want to do because they think of it as a negative thing and as something that is showing lack of progress. Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be focusing on a series of four areas of our lives that may need a deeper “heart and head” examination. I will be sharing two articles a week as we work through these areas of daily life that seem to bog us down, get out of hand or just make us utterly exhausted. But what I want to do today is just touch on these ways of falling back that are beneficial and necessary before we dive into the series:

❖ The falling back into structure
❖ The falling back into finding your passions and your joy
❖ The falling back into recovering yourself
❖ The falling back into focusing on the right things

Let’s expand on each of these for a minute and look at them a little deeper.

Falling Back Into Structure—Often times we operate on auto-pilot. We do the same things, same routine and have the same focus day after day. It becomes just what we do and how we survive. Things need to be done and we have responsibilities—that is true for everyone. But we often lose structure as we are enveloped in busyness. We need to prioritize and organize our days, weeks and months in order to not feel overwhelmed or over-extended. Know what HAS to be done vs. what we WANT to get done. Sometimes what HAS to get done is all you need to do, and the rest can wait (trust me…it will still be there for you tomorrow). We have to balance our lives around work, family and obligations in a way that allows us to not over-extend ourselves (in my first article of this series, I will be focusing on some tips of how you can manage this)!

Falling Back Into Finding Your Passion and Joy—One thing we seem to be quick to set aside is time to ourselves and the things that pour into “me” time. We have good intentions and talk about the things we love to do, but we stop making the time and effort of engage in some of the things that can help make our lives a little less chaotic and exhausting. We go here, do this and take care of that. But we are missing the “in-between”. Those moments where you stop the HAVE-TO’S and embrace the NEED TO’S (notice how this ties into the first area of falling back—need vs. want). It is important, even in the midst of your busiest and hardest seasons, to hold tight to the things that bring you joy, comfort and peace. It may be a simple bath at night, an hour locked in a room reading, a coffee date with a friend, etc. They don’t have to be big things but things that help you pour into and invest in yourself (in my second article of this series, I will be giving some ideas of what you can do to pour into yourself and how to find time in your schedule for them)!

Falling Back into Recovering Yourself—You may be a mother, father, teacher, homemaker, elder, sister, wife, husband or mentor. Some of us are multiple things on that list—but really, that is not WHO we are. Those are roles we carry, titles we have and parts that we play in life. WHO we are consists of what drives our heart and our head. True, being a mother or teacher can drive us, but it essentially is not WHO we are. In order to discover who we are we need to have a sense of self, a sense of what we love that makes us “us” and a basic bullet list of goals and purposes. We need do find out what makes us feel whole (ultimately this is Jesus, but he has created us to have purpose and passion for things and blessed us with things on this earth that bring us happiness (notice how this ties into the second area of falling back—passion and joy).Our simple answer is “our family, our children, etc. But we need to dig deeper to discover the core of who we are designed to be and what things are in those deepest pockets of our hearts that make us who no one else can be and help us fulfill a role on this planet that no one else can yourself (in my third article of this series, I will be sharing some Scriptures and insight into what steps we can take to help in the area of self-discovery)!

Falling Back Into Focusing On The Right Things—Right and wrong is something that is hard to discern and comes with a very blurry line in this world and society sometimes. What is right to one person is not right to another. In this part of the series we are not talking about moral right and wrong (the one thing that should be engrained in most of us), but instead the right and wrong for your OWN life and calling. The things God has called you to do; not your neighbor, not your friend, not that other lady in the church that seems to do it all and have it all. But YOU. What is right for YOU? It will look different for everyone, and it will change given the season of life you are in. God does not intend for you to stay on one specific path for your entire life. He will bring twists, turns and detours in order to enrich your life in ways that you otherwise would not have found on your own. But the end goal is for you to be YOU and to live the life that was hand-picked and purposed for your walk on this earth. (notice how this ties into the third area of falling back—rediscovering yourself). So how do we know what is right, and how do we know what is right for US when some days we can barely manage to make it through the day without losing our cool or giving up? Jesus tells us how, and he shows us—and the way he speaks to us is different and unique so that the message we receive is always right for OUR needs (in my fourth article of this series, I will be sharing activities and words from Jesus that help us to be able to recognize what he is saying to us and what he intends for us to do with what he is telling us)!

I am so excited to embark on this journey of falling back with you all—in this perfect season of fresh starts and new beginnings. I hope you all will be a part of this series and invest in yourselves as we follow what Our Savior and Perfect Counselor shows us in this season of each of our lives. I will be back with you here on Monday with the first article in the series! Have a beautiful first day of Fall, sweet friends, and hold tight to Jesus! See you soon!

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