Feeding The Mind Feeds The Soul

Feeding The Mind Feeds The Soul


We all know that knowledge is power. BUT, the type of knowledge we feed ourselves determines the power we are letting into our lives. Are we searching for knowledge that comes from other people? From the media? From unreliable sources? Or are we turning to the Word of God and the Scriptures for the knowledge that we need and desire? When we can answer that first question and start gaining knowledge from the correct source, we have won half the battle.

“Through God’s words we gain an understanding that God is the one who gives the gift of knowledge- that is an understanding or awareness of something. The Lord however, grants knowledge to those who have an honest relationship with him. This collection of bible verses give insights to the value of knowledge and the path to gaining it.” (Proverbs 2:6 NIV)

“Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I trust your commands.” (Psalm 119:66 NIV)

Now that we have the first half of the battle taken care of, the second half of the battle is CONTINUOUSLY feeding ourselves that proper knowledge. Are we reading something every single day to combat the lies of the world and keep the Truth in our hearts and heads? Are we still thirsting to know more, learn more and seek more? If we aren’t, perhaps we should pray about it and ask God to put the desire in our heart to take that special time to pour into Him—and ourselves. God created the thirst for knowledge and He created it to be insatiable on this earth. We should never stop striving to learn more, grow more and be more. NOT be better than others. NOT be self-centered or egotistical. But genuinely knowledgeable and able to help others when they have questions about Christ. Or better yet, to be able to answer them confidently when asked why WE choose to be a Christian and what that means.

You DO have to make the choice to put God first, spend some time with Him instead of your busyness and worldly tasks and to train yourself to make this a regular part of your life (I promise, those things will STILL be there when you are done…but you will often have a fresh new perspective and will be much better equipped to deal with them). Again, if it is not in your heart, this will never work. If you hunger for it, want it and are willing—there is nothing He won’t bless you with. And if you aren’t but want to be—ask Him to put that desire in you, to make you long to know Him better and fill your life with selflessness so you can give Him the time and effort He deserves to learn all you can about Him in your time on this planet. And if you have no desire for any of this then, well, that is absolutely your choice and you have to do what you think is right for you—but if that is the case, I am not really sure why you are still reading this! (sarcastic humor meant in the kindest way). Here are some ways we can continue on the thirst for knowledge and make the effort to fulfill our goal of consistent learning and growth (key word here—effort. This does not just happen because we want it to, I am sorry to burst your bubble):

  • Carry a book in your purse or bag at all times. When you are waiting at the doctor, dentist, DMV or anyplace else you may be then you can grab it and get a few pages in.
  • Have a reading goal for the year. Whether it is 2 books or 200 books, know that you CAN do it and let your motivation to stay in a right mindset and to know God better fuel your actions and decisions to push forward—page by page, chapter by chapter.
  • Invest in a compact Bible for your purse or bag. I got one on sale at Barnes & Noble that is a tiny little thing and fits perfect in my purse, and it was only $3.00! Then no matter where you are, what you are doing or what may come your way…you are ready and armed to hear a positive Truth and promise from God and to keep soaking in His knowledge.
  • I cannot say this enough. Pray, pray, pray! Ask God to give you wisdom. Ask God to help you understand the Scriptures in a new and deeper way. Ask God to show you which books He may want in your hands and heart for this season. Pray, Ask, Listen.

So…what is YOUR desire? Do you already thirst and actively seek knowledge? If so, what is your method of doing that? Do you want to have a passion for God’s knowledge but don’t know how to do that? Ask Him…He will answer. Do you have a reading goal for this year? If so…what is it and have you already picked out which books those will be. I have committed to reading 36 books and doing 21 Bible studies this year…and I have them all picked out and written down in the order in which God showed me I need them. I am so excited. I am almost done with my first book of the year already and can’t wait to keep going! Leave a comment and let’s talk about this! I can’t wait to support and embrace all of the ways you will be seeking the right knowledge in your lives!


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