Who Do Others See In You?

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 11.20.20 AM
Are you going through a storm or trial in your life right now? In some way or another I believe most of us are. How are you handling it? What is working its way through the cracks in your heart and soul? You can only react one of two ways–of the world or of Jesus. As I write this, I am going through a very big storm and I had to stop and think about my reactions to the situation. First, I only have so much control…the control of what I will choose to feel, think and do. I cannot control the other people or the situation itself, so I need to focus on myself. Will I show people the world: being anxious, worried, fearful or angry. Or will I show them Jesus: being secure, confident, positive and trusting. In all honesty, my first 24 hours encompassed the latter. I was crying, consumed and fearful. However, as I began to redirect my focus to the Lord I felt a sense of calm come over me. I don’t want to spend my days and hours in anxiousness and paranoia of what may or may not happen…I want to keep living life as best as I can in the process. Whatever happens will happen and I know God will be with me. After focusing on the right things, I was able to put the storm where it belongs–in Jesus’ hands, so he can carry the burden and have power over it. So, think about who are you emulating through your storm. Are you responding like the world has programmed you to, or are you allowing Jesus to lighten your load and take the wheel for you?

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