Handing It Over Through Scripture Repetition

Recently (very recently) I was in an incredibly difficult situation in which the enemy could have easily gained a foothold. The enemy knows our weaknesses; he knows what will crush us and make us drop to our knees. He studies us and makes his mark by capitalizing on those areas in which we struggle the most. But the great thing about dropping down to our knees is that we are in a position to pray and seek God. We are in a position to choose to take in the strength that the Lord freely gives us to help in our trials and storms. And when we choose this over letting the enemy continue to beat us into the ground, God can do amazing things.

One of the ways we can take in the strength of God is to talk to Him. We cry out to Him, plead to Him and whisper to Him. Yes, we do all of these things. But another way we can speak to Him and hear from Him is through His Word: the Bible. When we read the Scriptures, we get to know Jesus, and when we know Jesus, we know God. They are one and the same and an exact image of one another. So knowing the Word is knowing their character, promises and truth.

Repeating or memorizing Scripture is powerful. VERY powerful. I can attest to this personally. Remember at the beginning of this article when I said I was recently in an incredibly difficult situation? Well, this is nothing new for me. I am a single mother and have been for a decade. Money is always tight, I have no friends or family in my area, I work full time and I have a very low self-esteem. To put it mildly, the enemy has a boat load of ample ammunition on where he can attack me. But one of the big ones is with my job. I am the sole provider for my children and I have them 24/7/365 on my own. In this world if you don’t make money, you cannot take care of your family. It is just the way it is and there is no getting around it. But the way I have been looking at it all of these years was completely wrong; and I never saw that until God allowed me to walk into this very difficult situation.

I had looked at providing as something that I am solely responsible for. In my own power, under my control and up to me to make sure it is handled no matter what. I am a perfectionist and people-pleaser (with a little bit of A.D.D. and OCD mixed in). I know, I know…how on earth is she single, you are wondering? Right! Anyways, once put in this situation at my place of employment, my very first reaction the first 24 hours was sheer worry and fear. Oh my gosh, how will I provide for my children? How will I pay the bills? What if I get money taken out of my paycheck, or worse, get fired and don’t have a paycheck at all? My body went into flight mode and I was off and running with the “what if’s”. The “what if’s”—those will get you every…single…time. And we are famous for them!

But all of the sudden, something shifted. The next day, I chose to give it to God. Now mind you, I have given A LOT of things over to God. I am good at that. What I am also very good at is taking them back. Over and over and over again. This time was different. I have been doing a Bible study with my church entitled “Attitude” for the past 9 weeks. Until this situation happened, I don’t think I really saw how drastically I have been changed by it, for the better. The old me would have stressed, feared, been anxious and let it affect my sleep, mood and spirit for days or weeks on end. But this time, I gave into it for 24 hours. At that point, I took the power from the enemy and I handed it over to God. From the very second I did that, and committed to NOT take it back again, my whole demeanor changed. I had a peace of mind and calmness in my heart unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I was not worried and felt that no matter what He allowed to happen, we were going to be just fine. Because He promises us we will be, and He has faithfully proven to me that He keeps His promises.

So I handed it over and began to recite one passage of Scripture. Just one. I put it as the background on my iPad, I put it on the background of my desktop computer at work, I wrote it on a piece of paper and set it in front of me during the day. I repeated this one Scripture, and then would say a small prayer. This was a routine for 3 days straight. The morning came to face the situation at work. I recited it over and over before I went into the meeting, and I took the Scripture written on the piece of paper and held it in my hands the entire time. While I was being spoken to, I was listening but I was also reciting the verse over and over in my mind. I felt God with me. He was in my attitude, my responses and my confidence. I have never felt like that before and have never responded in such a manner of grace and security, especially in the middle of a storm. That is what happens when you don’t…take…it…back. Leave it in God’s hands and let Him give you the peace and promises for your situation.

I am sure as you are reading this each and every one of you can think of at least one time when you have walked into a situation in your own strength and remember how you have reacted. Perhaps you can also think of at least one time when you have walked into a situation in God’s strength and remember how you reacted to that situation. If you have, I am certain you noticed the difference. There is a reason pastors and Jesus and churches all are on the “Scripture Memorization” bandwagon. Because it works and it is powerful! Not just memorization, but repetition. If you have not tried it, I urge you to the next time you find yourself walking into a storm or trial. See what it does for your heart, your peace of mind and your assurance that God holds you and will be your provision. No matter what.

Below is the Scripture I recited so many times that it went from being a recited verse to a memorized verse, in only 3 days. You can search the concordance in your Bible for any word or situation you may be facing and find a verse that will feed your soul for your specific circumstances. I pray this will be a help to you now and in the future, as you allow God to keep your burdens and carry them for you.


4 thoughts on “Handing It Over Through Scripture Repetition”

  1. Why have I never found this blog until now?! I have needed these articles so many times in my life! I will be reading and rereading so many of these, and look forward to all that will come later.


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