Don’t Forget To Look Up


I took this photo on my way home from work yesterday. I have a 45-minute commute each way and with the newly changing season, along with sunset commencing a little bit later each week, I am able to see the majesty of it as I drive home each evening. It always feels as if I am driving right into it, and it makes me want to just keep going. I happen to live in a direction where I can embrace the glory of the different ways God paints the canvas of His sky for us each night. Instead of traveling away from or to the side of it, I am blessed to drive steadfast in its direction and can often be found pulling to the side of the road to capture the Lord’s stunning artistry. No two views are ever the same, and no two emotions it brings are ever comparable. God is the creator and perfecter of beauty and grace … not just in the skies, but in each one of us as well.

Sometimes we struggle to see the adjectives of beauty and grace within ourselves. Often times we struggle to see it in others as well. It is there, but we have been enveloped by a world and culture that tells us we find our value in what others say about us, what others think about us and how others make us feel. That kind of thinking is not only dangerous, it is destructive. To our hearts. To our souls. To our entire person. Giving the power to others that should be given to God and yourself is a recipe for disaster. God is truth and the way He sees you IS the way you are, and it is the way He desires for you to see yourself. In this world, no one will ever see or feel about you the way God does.

If we look to our significant other to feel unconditionally loved and for them to tell us what we need to hear when we need to hear it … we will be disappointed. Not because they don’t feel that way or they don’t want to be all we need, but because they are not perfect and are not capable of fulfilling our every need and emotion at every moment.

If we look to our children to feel capable and appreciated … we will be disappointed. Not because they aren’t grateful or because they don’t think we are the best thing in the universe, but because they are not perfect and are not capable of voicing their feelings and actions in the way our souls desire.

If we look to our jobs to feel successful and important … we will be disappointed. Not because we are not valuable or don’t do our jobs well, but because they are not perfect and in the business world validation sometimes falls pretty far down on the totem pole.

If we look to our friends to feel special and included … we will be disappointed. Not because they don’t adore us and enjoy being with us, but because they are not perfect and they have other people and things in their lives they need to give attention to.

Do you see some unique themes running through here?

  1. Looking to other people to fill us.
  2. We will be disappointed.
  3. No one can be perfect.

So where do we look to find all of this? UP. We look up. Our God, Our Creator; He is the only One who can make us feel all we need to feel, see all we need to see, believe all we need to believe and trust all we need to trust. He CAN fill us. He NEVER disappoints. He IS perfect. When you want to feel loved, wanted, cherished, special, worthy, enough and everything else in between … He is your resource. He is the Living Water that never runs dry, that is always pure and refreshing and that brings you full life! Look UP!

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