New Look, More Content, Same Purpose!

If you are new here … welcome to my relaunch! If you have been around awhile, welcome back! You will notice a lot of changes with the first being the bright and positive theme colors. What better way to get to know me than to peek inside my heart and head; and what’s in there is always sunny and fun and joyful and full of bubbliness! So now my site reflects my personality and I can share it with you all!

I have been writing about faith for eight years now, and it is the largest part of my life. It will always be my core and what drives me, but I am also finding such a love for things such as food and hospitality, homemaking and traditional values, and promotions/reviews and collaborations. I love what I am doing and look forward to having blogging as my forever career! Here are some of the new changes and upgrades that are included in this launch:

—> Specific categories for two different blog postings: Faith and Fellowship, and Untimely Traditional. Faith and Fellowship will encompass articles having to do with faith, Bible study, community, church life, and things of that nature. Untimely Traditional will encompass articles having to do with food, family, hospitality, homemaking, and traditional living.

—> Book Reviews Page: This is where I will be posting all of my book reviews. You can look for probably about two per week. I am a reviewer for many companies such as Bethany House, Moody Publishers, Lifeway, BookLook Bloggers, and a few others. So there is always a great book to review! If you are a writer/author and have a book you would like me to read and review, please use the Contact Us page and get ahold of me so we can chat! I post my reviews on my website, Amazon, Goodreads, ChristianBook, Lulu, and other sites (as well as posting about each book on all of my social media platforms and Facebook author page).

—>Product Collaborations Page: That’s right … I have gotten into product collaborations and I absolutely LOVE it!!! I am currently collaborating on products for a few different companies, including Boss Babes Co, Coffee Over Cardio, and others! There will be many more to come as I work out the details with the companies that I am conversing with. If you have a product or service that you would like me to review and write about, please use the Contact Us page and get ahold of me so we can chat! I post my reviews on my website and on each of my social media platforms and my Facebook author page.

–> Courses and Events: Yesssss!!!! Finally! I will be launching the first of my online courses in the Fall. I am super excited for this facet of my business, as I adore teaching and leading and spending time building up others! There also will be some online events via social media, as well as face-to-face events in select cities! More to come on what they entail and how you can make sure you keep up-to-date on when they happen.

—> Guest Bloggers Featured: Awesome news … I have a series of guest authors that will be featured on the site over the next couple of weeks. I am so enjoying collaborating with these wonderful individuals and I am thrilled for the content and creativity they will bring with their articles. Look for our first guest blog in just a couple of days! If you would like to submit a guest blog, please contact me and we can connect on that! In addition to being featured on this website, you will also be given full credit and acknowledgement of your articles on all of my social media platforms and my Facebook author page!

So relax, enjoy, pour a cup of some kind of caffeinated goodness, and take a browse around. I am so grateful you are here and I look forward to bringing you new and inspiring content for years to come! Be sure to subscribe to my email list in order to get all of the newest articles and information delivered right in your inbox … the link can be found to the right of this page! Thank you for being a part of my journey!

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